For her contribution to Cab Gallery, Layla Curtis has worked closely with co-curator and London Cab driver Jason Brown to create a stunning web site piece.

She has made a time-based work that traces, literally, the routes taken by Jason in his taxi during a specific week, ferrying passengers across London.As the work 'unfolds' on the screen, the lines that make up each journey become more prominent, whilst the map of London onto which each journey is traced fades away, until we are left with a beautifully abstracted linear image. Exactly what Paul Klee meant when he described a drawing as "taking a line for a walk".

Here is a work that fully understands the capabilities of Cab Gallery. A work that both conveys the day to day workings of a London taxi, and yet also frees itself of the literal and physical boundaries of the taxi itself.

Click on WEB PROJECT to view the work.

(Layla Curtis - courtesy of Rhodes + Mann)