30 November1999

cab gallery
By Guy Somerset

Tonight, outside A22 Projects, 22 Laystall Street EC1, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, free, thereafter for hire around London.

You'll recognise Jason Brown's cab gallery if you see it about town because it's the one with Taxy emblazoned on the side. Don't correct Brown on the spelling though - he's heard it already.

Brown has also had fellow cabbies asking why his taxi isn't covered with the usual ad for Yellow Pages but instead carries artists Bob and Roberta Smiths' Taxy sign and another painting,, by Peter Liversidge. When he tells his story, they're 'very encouraging', he says - as have been his passengers.

Since the gallery was launched in September, these have included paintings 'hung' in the hoarding space on the fold-down seats as well as installation pieces such as Liversidge's Book of Proposals and a prisoner's uniform to try on. Brown got the opportunity to combine his passion for art with his job when he bought a Liversidge painting off dealer Paul E Stolper and told him about his idea for a mobile gallery. Now the taxi acts as a vehicle (ahem) for the artists Stolper represents as well as other young British artists. As well as ongoing shows - currently the figurative paintings of Ray Richardson, soon to be the abstracts of Susie Hamilton - the cab regularly pulls over for one-offs such as tonight's event, when it will be outside the Liversidge exhibition at A22 to act as a venue for his miniature tableau 'Buffalo Grazing on the North Montana Plains'. While you peer at it through the cab windows using the binoculars provided you'll be able to eat a hot dog and enjoy the company of a baying wolf.

Brown and Stolper plan to wind down the gallery some time next year, so catch their cab while you can - the meter's running.

jason brown at the wheel