THE GUARDIAN Space Magazine
30 September 1999


Taxing work

Bringing you news of the latest messages across the city. At last, London art projects has recently forced the intrepid space team out of the art galleries. We've shopped hard in Carnaby Street, for shopping bags designed by Peter Blake or FAT (feeling sorry for us yet?); we trekked the streets in search of posters by Chris Ofili and Paula Rego. Now we're chasing taxis.

Advertising people long ago discovered the power of public transport to convey their messages across the city. At last, the art crowd (bless them) has cottoned on. An art dealer, Paul Stolper, and a cabbie, Jason Brown, have co-curated a show-in-a-cab, including Bob and Roberta Smith's "TAXY" and Abigail Cohen's reworking of Travis Bickle's Taxi Driver speech. Stolper sees his taxi "traversing the city carrying art on its back," for people to just come across. So don't hunt as hard as us for it.

Call 0208-968 4446 for locations

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