from swiss cottage...

From Swiss Cottage to Soho and Back
A collation of drawings from life by Susie Hamilton done on a journey in the taxi, from Swiss Cottage to Soho and Back, on 13th September, 1999, between 9 - 10am. A view of urban life as seen from the comfort of the taxi, Susie's drawings, which sit in book form on the back shelf of the taxi, concentrate on single or small groups of figures, some purposeful, some melancholic going about their business and routine. The spontaneity of the works show the speed in which Susie had to draw as the taxi journeyed across London.
Photocopied paper, ring-bound book 1999

from belsize lane...

From Belsize Lane to Rhondda Grove
A second journey by Susie in the taxi, culminating in a second book for Cab Gallery.
Photocopied paper, ring-bound book 2000


mutilates 2


The drawings done for the two books in Cab Gallery, became over a period of many months, templates for a more ambitious series of paintings entitled 'Mutilates', four of which were exhibited in the tip-up seats. Two were shown during Art 2000, and the second pair for the opening of her exhibition at Timothy Everest. These were exhibited in 'Arcade' which began at The Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, and subsequently toured for a year in various venues. Peter Liversidge was also featured in this show curated by Debbie Kermode. Susie developed the 'Mutilates' into full-scale works on canvas which were exhibted at her solo exhibition in March 2000 at A22.
Acrylic on watercolour paper 1999/2000


Two works, both acrylic on board of single figures in a landscape. These have developed out of the drawings she made for an earlier Cab Gallery project. Whereas earlier, the works were brief studies from life, these are again drawn, but with layers of paint on top, obscuring and defacing the pencil lines underneath. The two works sit on the back shelf of the passenger seats.
Acrylic on board 2001