dead londoners

Dead Londoners
These two Text Pieces were placed in the tip-up seat displays. The left side listed dead londoners and the right hand side listed people who had later in life arrived in and then died in london. The names covered a broad range of famous people in a variety of fields over four centuries, from the 16th Century poet Edmund Spenser to the TV presenter Jill Dando. The passengers in Cab Gallery were not aware of the title of the piece and often asked Jason for answers. They were always fascinated and often sad to realise that the artist had related the Taxi to a black funeral car and they were faced with a memorial plaque.
Photocopied paper 2000

Extract from SOUNDPIECE (52k)

This sound piece is to be played as Jason drives around the famous landmarks of London. The passengers feel a sense of celebration as they hear loud applause and the sounds of crowds cheering. The experience encourages them to join in and marvel at the citys sights.
Cassette tape 2000