A cushion made from the fabric of the District Line on The London Underground, 'Home' sits on the back seat of the taxi. For the majority of people who recognise the design, but maybe not its specific source, the cushion evokes memories of both London and travel. Whilst the edition of four is for sale, Rachel took one with her on her travels across Australia during 2000. She photographed the cushion against the backdrop to many of Australia's most dramatic landscapes, such as Ayre's Rock.
"The idea of home can be related to wherever you stop. Your home can be constantly changing"
(The Manly Daily, Timeout Section, Friday, September 15th, 2000).

Stitched cushion 2000

Yawning Monitor/Purling Brook Falls

Yawning Monitor / Purling Brook Falls
These two photographs are from the 'Home' series where the artist travelled with the cushion taking that little familiar piece of London with her. It came to represent that presence of a place or person absent from the picture. Photographs 2000