Stone Cold Sober
'Stone Cold Sober', is a phrase that usually refers to the complete opposite state that many people find themselves in when they take a taxi home from the pub or party. It refers to the luxury you indulge in when hailing a taxi at the end of an evening. This was shown on the tip-up seat next to a painting of Sid Vicious on a handkerchief by Peter Harris at the private view of 'Cheated', a group show at A22. The show brought together a disparate number of artists, all of whom were in some way aware of, influenced by, or referenced punk and it's attitude in their work. Each was given a blank muslin shirt to work on; in the same way that Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren used muslin shirts to silkscreen provoking slogans and images to sell in their shop 'Seditionaries' in the mid to late 1970's. As well as muslin shirts, they used handkerchiefs as a cheap canvas on which to print their ideas.
Felt-tip on taped card 2000