To follow the success of the text piece 'TAXY', on Cab Gallery 1, the following exterior had to be equally as bold and effective. So both Paul and Jason were delighted that the American artist Alex Katz was keen to contribute an artwork for Cab Gallery 2. 'Sunny', originally from a painting in 1971, is typical of the artist's work with his distinctive style and bold use of colour. Alex Katz spends part of the year in Maine, his house beside an expansive lake and it is from there that he sent Cab Gallery this chosen image of the long haired dog, ears up and alert and tongue hanging out, sitting in the tall grass suggesting a familiarity between the subject and artist, probably a family pet. He once said that he tries to capture "that immediate sensation you see before you focus", in much the same way that people catch only a glimpse of 'Sunny' as the taxi speeds by.
Vinyl 2000