The first Cab Gallery exterior featuring work by Bob & Roberta Smith.



Cab Gallery was a project curated by London art dealer Paul Stolper, and London taxi driver and art collector Jason Brown.

As Cab Gallery was launched in Hoxton Square in September 1999, they invited both emerging and established artists from around the world to take part. As a working London taxi the art was to be installed in the spaces usually reserved for advertising. Each artist was sent a package with views and dimensions of all the spaces available on the taxi. They in turn sent back proposals and ideas for work they felt would be appropriate for a particular part of the taxi; be it inside the tip-up seat displays, an audio piece, a work to be placed on the outside body of the taxi, or a free standing work.

Cab Gallery has participated in gallery openings and other art events not only in London but also with the Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, From Space in Manchester and the Ikon in Birmingham. When the taxi was parked up and not for hire, the artists could be more ambitious. Works have included sound pieces and installations which couldn't normally be exhibited during the regular working day. Special Cab Gallery receipts were designed; each one listing participating artists, and further contact information.

Works to be exhibited in the tip-up seat displays and on the exterior of the taxi had to be sent to the Cab Advertising Committee at the Public Carriage Office for approval. This was to ensure that no works would give offence to passengers who are more used to being confronted by advertisements than artwork.

Cab Gallery 1999-2001 consisted of two exhibitions; 'Cab Gallery' ran from September 1999 - September 2000, and 'Cab Gallery 2' ended in December 2001. Artwork was carefully selected for each exhibition to cover a broad range of media and make full use of the taxi.

To mark the end of the project the exhibition 'Cab Gallery: Retrospective 1999-2001' was held at the essor gallery project space in London between 15th January and the 22nd January 2002.

Cab Gallery Retrospective

This website details the project in its entirety.

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Cab Gallery exterior detail, listing contributing artists.
Cab Gallery 2 featured work by
American artist Alex Katz.

Final exterior by Lawrence Weiner.